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The Toddler Club provides every child a warm, positive, and safe environment to explore his or her full potential because when it comes to your children, nothing less than the highest standards will do.Our highly trained staff is well versed in creative and age appropriate practices. As parents, you can be assured our preschool educational program is consistent with the National Educational plan, thereby increasing your child’s success ratio At The Toddler Club, we work with your child during the most important years of their lives, enhancing their educational skills and giving them every opportunity to explore their world through the wonder of play and developmentally appropriate programs.This program is a two hour program five days a week ( Monday - Friday ). The program is packed with circle time, rhymes , story telling, art & craft, water play, sand play , vocabulary building , music and movement . The curriculum is theme based  which includes lots of special days such as Creepy Crawly day, Day of Shapes etc. 

2 to 2.5 Years


This is the Foundation stage of learning and the focus here is to strengthen the six areas of learning such as

Personal, social and emotional development.

Communication, language and literacy.

Cognitive Development.

Physical Development.

Creative development.

Knowledge and understanding of the world.

Through our integrated curriculum we cater to the six areas of learning with the use of  theme based learning, projects, drama, art, music and movement, sports, games, and lots and lots of play. The Pearly Phonic Program is introduced through story, song and actions. and children are taken on a joyful ride into the world of the different line strokes.

2.6 to 3.5 years


The Junior Kindergarten is a lively combination of play and learning. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are the four pillars of Language which are focused upon in great detail. The Pearly Phonic Program is taken to the next level where children learn to blend family words and begin to read with confidence starting with picture family words followed by phrases and sentences in a print-rich environment . Math is taught in a conceptual way through hands-on experience and Knowledge and Understanding of the world is enhanced through art, drama, music, fun activities and projects. Tamil and Hindi rhymes are introduced . The pre-writing skills are perfected into definite print. Yoga, Sports, Sand play, Water play and outdoor activities are equally balanced to strengthen gross motor skills. Children are given the space to find their area of strength and talent through Dress up, Special days, Annual concerts and Projects.

3.6 to 4.5 years


Our Senior KG curriculum encourages the students to continue to experience learning as both enjoyable and useful and provides a strong foundation for their future. The curriculum focuses on

Language Development Skills.

Reading Skills.

Mathematical concepts.

Knowledge and conceptual understanding of things around us.

Cursive Writing skills.

Creative development in Arts, Music and Dance, Drama & Sports.

Project based learning.

Emotional and Moral Skills.

Collaborative Learning.

Personality Development.

The 21st Century skills required to meet with the demands and challenges of this fast changing world  such as the 4 C’s - Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking and Creativity are imbibed into the curriculum to make our children ready and equipped to be successful as they move on into the future.

4.6 to 5.5 years


The primary section of Champs Academy Global follows the CBSE style of learning and to do so effectively, we have adopted the XSEED Education(Foundation for life) which is a proven and research based academic program for schools. Our main aim is to build thinking skills & problem solving confidence in children. At Champs, children ask more questions, can write in their own words, read the instructions and question papers independently, like doing word problems in mathematics, can complete their homework on their own and are not afraid to speak-up in English. Each concept goes through a cycle of 5 A’s - Aim, Action, Analysis, Application and Assessment. The students enjoy learning as every learning takes place as a hands-on experience. The concepts are remembered for life and are easily applied to new situations, to reinforce learning and make it holistic. Answers to questions are never the same. There are no ready made answers. Each child writes as they understand it. Everyone’s view is respected and accepted.

5.5 to 8 years


We at Champs Academy Global believe in equality in Education and thus accept every child that comes to us. We have a special education department to cater to children with special needs. Our IEP ( Individual Education Plan) seeks to address the needs and capability of every child and provide what they need. Our focus is on communication, reading and writing. We are proud to say that we have children who have been with us since nursery and are now studying in Grade 4. Our curriculum involves brain gym, yoga, dance, art and craft, story telling, rhymes, pearly phonics, numbers , writing skills and much more. As soon as the student joins we assign them to a level or a group of 5. We have 4 levels after which they join Grade 1. Students are taught in the resource room with the special educators and join the mainstream for common activities.

2.5 to 8 years