We believe that education is a child’s passport to a bright future and that it is not limited not just to textbook material but also to real-life responses. Hence, along with academic training we also impart socio-cultural training to students that leads to behaviour modification and increased social interaction. We integrate special tasks and functions alongside academic responsibilities to mold the students as a complete individual who can put his education to good use.


The Inclusive Education is a wonderful planned programme for students with special needs. It caters to development in academic performance along with behaviour modification and social interaction. It is a beautiful blend of academic excellence paired with participating in main stream activities along with dance, yoga, brain gym and DLS.

Principles of the Inclusive Education Programme

Nandavanam Model Center, A CSR initiative of Newgen Digital Works Pvt.Ltd.

Nandavanam is a center dedicated to the healing and education of children with developmental challenges and learning difficulties. Nandavanam promotes humane and traditional practices in the field of rehabilitation for people with special needs.

Champs Academy, through this model center, work towards the improved quality of therapeutic and educational services for the children in the inclusive center. A team of medical doctor, physiotherapist, special educator, and medico social worker from Nandavanam, visits Champs academy twice a week and work with the children and families who are in need. The programme also ensures training to the faculties, care givers and parents. The model center is well equipped for physiotherapy and external therapies