There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in. Graham Greene, The Power and The Glory.

  • A very warm welcome to the CHAMPS family. It is indeed my privilege and honour to be in the midst of pure innocence, imagination, happiness and celebration.That is what I see every morning when I enter CHAMPS.
  • Tiny toddlers beaming with the purest energy to create and behold a new universe.At CHAMPS, the team aims at making learning a process rather than a result, a way of life rather than an external world.
  • Like the eagle that pushes its little ones to fly, we encourage our little ones to become CHAMPS through their little achievements of the day. Being able to close a lunch box, draw a standing line, packing away, saying the magic word, or even just sharing with a friend is a memorable milestone, a race accomplished and a CHAMPION born.
  • Every little detail, every new word, every new action is watched intently, and nurtured to bloom and blossom.
  • This journey of nurturing is a holistic process and involves every person in the life of the child who share responsibility to help in the carving, shaping and moulding of the clay that is gifted to us.

We at CHAMPS wait eagerly for that moment with open arms, minds and hearts to allow a new creation to be born.

PEARL RAJ B.A (English Honors), B. ED, TESOL, CTEYL, Masters in Child Care & Education