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Champs is a wonderful place to be,

For there are many things I see

I learn to share and to care,

To be loving, kind and fair.

I am taught a lot of good things

To read, write, draw and sing

There are wonderful things that I can do,

Chess, Dance, Yoga, Music and Kung Fu!

My teachers are like the bright lamp,

They teach me to become a CHAMP!!

So join me friends and become THE CHAMP

Let us begin walking the ramp!!

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We believe that children are learning every minute of the day. They learn from the way we organize the classroom, from the daily schedule, from activities, and when they play outdoors. Play is an essential part of children's learning and general development and we provide lots and lots of it.

  1. Admissions Open For 2016 - 2017

    Champs Academy Admissions Open For 2016 - 2017

    • Play School
    • Nursery
    • Jr.KG
    • Sr.KG
    • Grade 1
    • Grade 2
  2. Saraswathi Arts, Crafts & Handwriting

    Saraswathi Arts, Crafts & Handwriting Courses for Kids and Adults

    • Basic Drawing | Pencil Sketching | Oil Painting | Portraits | Pen Drawing
    • Thanjavur Painting | Mysore Painting | Madhubhani Painting | Fabric Painting
  3. Music Club

    Music Club

    • Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Vocal Western(Training for LONDON TRINITY EXAMS)
  4. XSEED Foundation

    XSEED Foundation


pre school

Language &Literacy Development Covers communication with one another and developing skills in speaking, listening, writing and reading.


after school

The Afterschool is a very important part of Champs as it caters to children after school time is done. A lot of different activities are well arranged and planned. through the week which makes “learning” fun and “fun” learning .


Tuition Programme

Covers communication with one another and developing skills in speaking, listening, writing and reading.


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Karate training increases confidence, awareness, emotional and mental discipline and is excellent for physical fitness.

It is the art of open hand fighting employing a series of movement of attacks,blocks and Kicks without the use of weapons.

A strong chess player is moulded by the cumulative efforts of the player himself/herself, parents trainers, sponsors, school and so on.

With an aim to provide quality dance training and making dance available to all

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“Champs Academy has been the best beginning in education for my little Diya. Champs Academy doesn’t speak for education alone but also for discipline, humanity and devotion. I could see her sing the national anthem, say her prayer in the morning and teach me things that I did not know. All this accomplished and she is only 2 ½ years old. I see my daughter shine after she joined CHAMPS. Wonderful coaching by the teachers. Love the method of teaching. I am proud that I have given the best beginning for my child. The new campus is so cool”.

Divya Parthasarathy

Mom of Diya, Chennai.

“My daughter Aksharaa in Playschool loves coming to school. The teachers are very kind . She has learnt so much in the past 3 months. Sometimes she surprises me. I am very happy with CHAMPS. Special thanks to Priya and Nandini Ma’am . She will remember you for a lifetime!”.


Mom of Akshara, Chennai.

“Our search for a good school with a caring environment ends one year back at CHAMPS ACADEMY. Feeling great, relaxed and happy seeing my son growing, learning, socializing, showing new areas of interest in Champs with extremely caring class teachers. A humble regard to Principal Mam for all her support. Congratulations to CHAMPS ACADEMY for all the achievements and wishing from the bottom of our hearts for many more to come . Thank you!”.


Mom of Shiven, Chennai.

“We chose Champs after visiting a few other schools around mainly because the Principal was so friendly, open and straightforward. The class teacher is so caring that my boy respects and listens to her for anything. Champs is not into business but service. It stands for quality and dedication!”.


Mom of Kavin Maharaja, Chennai.

“I do appreciate the encouragement, kindness and patience shown to all the children in your school and greatly value the various programmes conducted in your school to make the children identify and exercise their talents!”.

Diana Arjun

Mom of Iona, Chennai.

“CHAMPS ACADEMY a playschool engaged in the total development of a child and exemplary academic practices. They legitimately attract the title CHAMPS for many good reasons. As a parent I realize the total transformation inculcated in the tiny mind of my daughter Moly Susan Lazarus which is highlighted in the functional ability of her. CHAMPS has a predestined path in its endeavour of great success. The teaching faculty and others take individual care in developing the child to grow naturally in the garden of Champs. No force is laid upon any child. The child grows in an abundant caring atmosphere. Besides the academic responsibility , champs also offers a wonderful after school where the child is exposed to yoga, kung fu, dance. We wish Champs Academy a great success in all its endeavours and efforts in the realm of the child!”.


Mom of Moly Susan Lazarus, JR KG.

“My name is Sireesha. I am Gaytri Rasmi mom.My Daughter finished her kindergarten in Champs Academy.Champs has given my daughter a good and strong base..Champs is the Best school . Good teaching,Loving and caring teachers!”. Thanks alot to Champs Academy...


Mom of Gaytri Rasmi, Chennai.

“I am very proud to say that my daughter is studying in Champs Academy. All teachers are very care and kind in nature. Everyone in the world expects appreciation for their accomplishments. I see Champs Academy appreciates each and every student and teacher for their each and every good thing. Champs Academy motivates sports, good behaviours, cultural and lot more. I had a chance to see the first graduation for the Champs Academy which is very excellent in the way the senior K.G students spoke!”.


Father of Tharunika, JR KG.

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  • Anna Salai, Palavakkam,
  • Chennai - 600 041.


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Summer Blast


Champs Academy Admissions Open For 2016 - 2017

Admissions Open

Play School


Jr.KG and Sr.KG

Grade 1 and 2

saraswathi arts

OCT 22 2015


Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Vocal Western(Training for LONDON TRINITY EXAMS)

saraswathi arts
Story Telling
Summer Blast
Story Telling